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Chirayita, Kiratatikta (Swertia chirayita) Part 2

Chirayita, Kiratatikta ( Swertia chirayita ) Part 2 By Dr. Hemant Vinze                                              ( M. S.) Identity, Purity and Strength    Foreign matter: Not more than 2 percent Total Ash: Not more than 6 percent Acid - insoluble ash: Not more than 1 percent Alcohol soluble extractive: Not less than 10 percent Water - soluble extractive: Not less than 10 percent   Tannin: On addition of Ferric chloride to aqueous or alcoholic extract of Chirayita ( Swertia chirata ) no blue black color develops. Assay: Chirayita ( Swertia chirata ) contains Not less than 1.3 percent of bitter principle. [35]     Heavy Metal Analysis Permissible maximum limits for heavy metals in extracts of herbal medicines Metal                     Maximum Permissible Limit (μg/g) Iron (Fe)                                   300 Manganese (Mn)                       100 Copper (Cu)                               20     Zinc (Zn)