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Conquest of Death 1

Conquest of Death 1 (SEPSIS DUE TO RAT SHIT) In search of talent in the realm of music in the state of Maharashtra, India, a contest was announced.'Is any of your kin contesting?', asked my wife to a lady sitting beside her. Dark in complexion, she appeared to be an uneducated peasant. She wore a clean but worn sari. A necklace of black glass beads and glass bangles were the only humble ornaments that behooved to her. Obviously, poverty was the master here!!'My son!', she replied. 'Fair complexioned, talking a polished tongue, obviously you are a cultured middle class or higher middle class lady! People of your class look askance at our class, instead you are enquiring about me so compassionately. May I know your name?''Mrs. Vinze.''Vinze?'My wife nodded.'I know one Dr. Vinze….He used to come to Thane, he was attached to Dr. Karve’s Hospital.'My wife was nodding to her every sentence.'Are you any of his kin?', the lady asked. '