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Pharmacognosy of Chitraka (Plumbago zeylanica)

Chitraka ( Plumbago zeylanica ) By Dr. Hemant Vinze M. S. Introduction Many experts in Ayurvedic System of medicine are not enthused with this wonder medicine, Chitraka ( Plumbago zeylanica ). They are not even aware of its pleiotropic pharmacological activity compared to some other Ayurvedic herbal stars. Well! Let not this obliviousness fool you!! Chitraka ( Plumbago zeylanica ) has withstood the test of time in Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia, especially as a digestant and is a powerful ally to many herbs in digestive formulations. Rightly so as Ayurveda recognizes that health begins in the digestive system. Growing in abundance in the wild in any type of soil, its delicate white flowers and beautiful, gorgeous, lustrous green foliage had enticed many passers-by. This led the garden lovers and botanists to cultivate and domesticate Chitraka ( Plumbago zeylanica ) in gardens and indoor flower pots. Chitraka ( Plumbago zeylanica ) may seem gentle or fragile in nature. Its appea