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Importance of Lifestyle for Healthy Living

Importance of Lifestyle for Healthy Living Recent study shows that changing lifestyles induce stress which is responsible for the genesis of many illnesses. I discuss the importance of lifestyle for healthy living:  A book of verses underneath the bough A loaf of bread, a jug of wine and though Beside me singing in the wilderness And the wilderness is paradise enow My father translated this Rubaiyat of Omarkhayyam in Marathi:      KAAWYAGRANTHACHI EKA, EKA SURAEE MADYARKA LAABHO MALAA/ KHANYA BHAKAR EKA, AN TARULALEE TOOHEE TITHE PREMALA/ MATPAARSHWEE TAWA DIWAGAAYANASUDHAA RAANAAT WAAHE JADHEE/ SAARE JANGAL MANGALPRADA NAWYAA SWARGAAPAREE TE TADHEE/     Such was tension free, stress free life of Omarkhayyam. He enjoyed his “Neo-paradise” He reveled in heavenly rapture As religion started evolving, the religious rules and regulations became stricter and oppressive. Omarkhayyam was scientist, geologist, astronomer, astrologer, mathematicia