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A Funny Call

CONQUEST OF DEATH 18 (A FUNNY CALL) Every Sunday, many doctors attend medical seminars in various institutions. One Sunday, after the seminar, our group was recollecting memories of our student days and cracking jokes. Suddenly my colleague, Dr. Harish Walawalkar, who also happened to be my medical officer at the time, asked me “Do you remember that funny call?” “Which one?” “That one from the gynaecology ward?” “From the gynaec ward? For me? But, I was in surgical ward!” I said. “A patient had undergone hysterectomy (an operation for removal of the uterus), did not pass urine till late evening, the nurse on duty in the gynaec ward sent you an urgent call: “The operated patient did not pass urine, please come and pass urine!!……..” he continued. Soon our giggles turned into guffaws. “Yeah---- yeah! I distinctly remember!!” As the surge of laughter ebbed, I narrated the incident. I received that call from the gynaec ward. Sensing something amiss,