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Guduchee (Tinospora cordifolia)

Guduchee ( Tinospora cordifolia ) Introduction From Indian mythology to Ayurveda and modern medicine Guduchee ( Tinospora cordifolia ) is extolled as a remedy par excellence for the treatment of many diseases especially those of the liver. It has a noble place in the epic Raamaayana: During the war between Raama and Raawana, to resurrect the army of Raama, Lord Indra gave “amrita” i. e. “divine nectar” to Raama’s army. The Guduchee plant grew from the few drops of ‘nectar’ that fell on the ground. [1] From fever to cancer the herb protects the body from diseases; hence the epithet Guduchee (the one that protects, the one that acts as a savior from diseases). Another synonym of the plant is Madhuparnee (the one whose leaves are full of nectar). When we cut a fresh spring from Guduchee tree and hang it from a cord in the air; it will continue to grow without any visible or perceptible nutritional support. It gains its ‘life energy’ from environment. Hence in Sanskrit it