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Pharmacology of Chitraka (Plumbago zeylanica) Part 2

Pharmacology of Chitraka ( Plumbago zeylanica ) Part 2 By Dr. Hemant Vinze M. S. Actions on CNS Aqueous, ethanol, chloroform, petroleum ether and acetone extracts of leaves of Chitraka ( Plumbago zeylanica ) were tested for analgesic activity in rats. The study revealed that the acetone and petroleum ether extracts significantly decreased pain only in the later phases of formalin test, suggesting that the drug could be acting peripherally. The analgesic action of Chitraka ( Plumbago zeylanica ) was attributed to plumbagin. [58] The plant callus is a growing mass of unorganized plant parenchyma cells. The callus extract and the root extract of Chitraka ( Plumbago zeylanica ) were evaluated for central and peripheral analgesic activity. The study revealed that at 200 mg/kg, the root extract and at 400 mg/kg the callus extract displayed significant analgesic activity in experimental animal (mice) models. [59]      In Ayurveda herbs are grouped according to