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Importance of Genetic Identification of Medicinal Plants

Importance of Genetic Identification of Medicinal Plants Dr. Hemant Vinze   (M. S.) Bhoomyaamalakee  ( Phyllanthus niruri-Phyllanthus amarus )   Thyagarajan’s landmark paper published in ‘The Lancet’ on eradication of Hepatitis B surface antigen by using ‘Bhoomyaamalakee’ or ‘Bhuiaawalaa’ ( Phyllanthus amarus ) in HBV carriers stirred the medical fraternity. Bloomberg et al added value to Thyagarajan’s paper, for their results were much better than Thyagarajan’s. Inspired by this data many researchers, clinicians and specialists in Ayurveda started using ‘Bhoomyaamalakee’ or ‘Bhuiaawalaa’ (then called Phyllanthus niruri ) to treat jaundice in general and viral hepatitis B in particular; but in vain, for they did not get the desired results. Despite the uncertain, unconvincing and inconclusive results, the trade of ‘Bhoomyaamalakee’ or ‘Bhuiaawalaa’ (so called Phyllanthus niruri ) reached its zenith.  I had an opportunity to discuss this issue with a professor of pharm