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Aardraka (Ginger)-Shunthee (Zingiber officinale) Part 1

Aardraka (Ginger)-Shunthee ( Zingiber officinale ) Part 1 Introduction Shunthee (Shunthi) is a dried form of Ginger ( Zingiber officinale ). Its shabby look may not enthuse any one to use it as a spice or as a medicine. However its agreeable flavor and delicious taste has helped Shunthee  ( Zingiber officinale ) claim its rightful place on kitchen platform. For more than 5000 years, the Indians and the Chinese used the root (rhizome) of Shunthee ( Zingiber officinale ) as a medicine for many ailments and as a tonic. Recent references show that Ginger ( Zingiber officinale ) was used as domestic medicine in day to day practice worldwide. No wonder then, in Ayurveda, Shunthee ( Zingiber officinale ) is known as Naagaraa (that which is used in towns), Wishwaa (that which is known worldwide), Wishwa-oushadha or Wishwa-bheshaja (a medicine for the world). Because of its pleiotropic pharmacological activities it is lauded in Ayurveda as “Maha-oushadha or Maha-oushadhee”, a medi